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Discover more about the NewGen Superfoods Plus, the ground-breaking health supplement that benefits all of the family.   Live well, be healthy, earn money from our amazing opportunity.

The NewGen Difference.

See why NewGen Superfoods Plus is such a revolutionary new health supplement.

The NewGen Opportunity

It's not only a great product but a business opportunity as well.

Why We Need To Supplement

The NewGen Compensation Plan.

A brief overview of how to earn an income with NewGen Direct...

Holistic Health

A look at some of the underlying causes of disease and ill health and recommendations on how to mitigate the problems Recording of a talk given by  Naturopathic Nutritionist Saira Salmon, DipNN, MFNTP.

What We Do

  • What We Do.

    Not only do we give you the tools you need to get a healthy, fit and balanced body, but we give you the opportunity to earn a great income too.

  • How It Works

    Your body is a finely balanced and efficient machine. If you fuel your body with the right combination of foods for you then you will naturally get the best out of it and have a balanced mind too.

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    October 2014 – Indigestion Eating You Up?

    Indigestion Eating You Up?  Digestive issues are rife – I see lots of clients who suffer from what is commonly referred to as acid indigestion or digestive discomfort, as well as acid reflux and heartburn. If you listen to the television ads, or even your doctor, you will reach from some form of antacid medicine […]

    By Super Foods Super Health | 11th August 2015

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    August 2014 – Finding it Confusing?

    First it was three-a-day, then five and now its 7-a-day. Or more accurately 7 – 10-a-day. What am I talking about? Its government guidelines to the number of servings of fruit and vegetables you need to eat daily – and that’s just in the UK. The Japanese government is even recommends 17-a-day! Why is there […]

    By Super Foods Super Health | 11th August 2015

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    August 2014 – Organic Food Really is Better For You

    Organic Food Really is Better For You  A meta-analysis by University of Manchester, looking at a wide range of studies on the contentious subject of whether organic food is more nutritious will hopefully once and for all put this debate to bed….it is! Not only does it have a much higher nutritional content, (and nutrients […]

    By Super Foods Super Health | 11th August 2015

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